Our Lord the Most Prosperous and Merciful,

Thank you for the life that you have bestowed upon us, that kindness is as certain as our good intentions and efforts.

Forgive us that more often complain than to seek improvement.
Forgive us who used to say impossible, but is talking about the power of Thy.

Forgive us that is often discouraged in an effort to win the good, in the presence of dishonest people who are in power you allow.

Our Lord Maha Broad Giving Him,

We make peace with the belief that goodness will surely win, and that You would keep us loyal to the right.

Courtesy of our hearts, our elegant character, give power to our efforts to promote good and prevent harm to others and nature.

Healthy for us and our love for souls, for our good fortune, and make us happy in your work and loving friendship.

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